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Akiptan has developed this guide to help young entrepreneurs with Native agriculture projects, those who are thinking about Native agriculture, and those who want to learn more about it. We believe that a strong financial foundation (understanding the financial aspects of Native agriculture) is key to success!

So this guide is for you if you’d like to…  

✓ Learn more about Native agriculture and all of the jobs, career paths, and even lifestyles that are part of Native agriculture;

✓ Start an agriculture project;

✓ Grow your current agriculture project;

✓ Learn about the financial aspects of your agriculture project;

✓ Look at ways to make some money;

✓ Learn about some great resources that can help you; and

✓ Hear tips from people who have been in your shoes!

Akiptan would like to thank the all of the partners for taking their time to share experience, insights and wisdom. We greatly value their feedback and input, which has strengthened this guide. 

Recording from the guide:

Take a moment to listen to Chef Craig Nephi as he visits with Vickie Oldman

about his journey within the Native Agriculture Culinary Business. 

ChefNephi_AkiptanGathering Agriculture Wisdom
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