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Akiptan is developing this guide to support our borrowers and other Native entrepreneurs working to start an agribusiness, enhance an existing agribusiness, or strengthen their business practices. 


This guide is designed to support entrepreneurs working in the agribusiness space (except for commodity production operations).

In working with our borrowers, we see the tremendous impact of financial decisions on their businesses; making a small change can create a huge difference. This guide, like the other guides in our series, is designed to support Native business owners. We also wanted to make sure that these materials include valuable tips for business owners with a range of experience – from folks just starting out to folks that have been operating their businesses for years. We wanted to stick to the nuts and bolts – key and practical information.

This guide will be for you if you’d like to…  

✓ Start a Native agribusiness
✓ Expand your current Native agribusiness
✓ Look at strategies to make your current business more profitable
✓ Look at ways to make your agribusiness a full-time job
✓ Learn tips from other Native agribusiness owners and experts

Please revisit this site to see the interactive pdf guide soon! 

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