This page is designed to be a hub for Ag Producers.  Below you will find downloadable forms to help with the loan application process.  Additionally, you will find links to other resources that can be used in your Ag operation.  These are offered as a courtesy and a convenience. Akiptan  assumes no responsibility for the content, safety, security, or privacy of any such site or any transactions with respect thereto. If you have questions or concerns about any other site's policy regarding these matters, you should contact that site or its sponsor.


This resource section is filled with additional information and links that will benefit any agriculture operation. 

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ISU offers resources to help put together financials statements and manage your operation.

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Farmer's Business Network is a resource that producers can use to help market their crops, more financing, insurance (farm and health), along with other resources.

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The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) has a Technical Assistance staff that can assist with putting together financial statements and connect producers with USDA programs, as well as a Youth Programs and American Indian Foods Department. 

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First Nation's Development Institute offers a comprehensive financial literacy book that discusses running an agribusiness from a Native American perspective. 

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Pasture Map is a software program that assists with grazing management and cattle records. 

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The Center for Farm Financial Management has a multitude of online tools for farmers and ranchers. The tools range from planning, financial statements, marketing, etc.