Akiptan is a Native American Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides loans and technical assistance to those in Indian Agriculture. Akiptan offers a whole suite of services that include financing youth, start ups, operating costs and ownership. Our CDFI takes it a step further and works with the client to assist with technical support as well as provide financial literacy training to help create a knowledgeable borrower.


Akiptan, being a Native CDFI, has the unique ability to develop loan programs that can truly benefit Natives in Agriculture.

Akiptan is able to provide a traditional loan where a certain amount of money is borrowed and repaid back over several years. But, Akiptan is also able to provide a loan that allows for upfront capacity growth by “Investing” in your operation with an interest only payment option for several years before repaying the principal. This is what Akiptan calls the "Investment Option." 

The Investment Option was designed to provide an opportunity for initial capacity and development growth for up to five years due to the small, interest only payments. After the five years of investment time is completed, the loan is then switched over to a traditional loan with principal repayment starting. 

Check out this blog that explains the Investment Option in more detail HERE.


Youth are a key part of the agriculture industry, which is why Akiptan also has a youth loan product. Youth are able to borrow up to $5,000.

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Akiptan's General Loan can be used for many different purposes to meet the different needs of producers. Activities like buying cattle, green houses, equipment, etc. are all eligible. Producers are able to borrow up to $250,000. 


In order to make sure that Akiptan can fully service a client's needs, we also have operating and line of credit products where producers can borrow up to $250,000.


To address land ownership issues, such as highly fractionated land, Akiptan has developed a product that fits those needs. Producers can borrow up to $250,000.