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This survey is closed. Thank you to all participants. We appreciate your time and feedback.

Thank you to all participants! 
The following incentives were offered for participation through July 31st, 2022! 

Three Holster Vaccine Cooler - June 6- June 17th                            Dewalt Brushless Combo Kit - June 21st - July 5th 

RTIC Cooler - July 6th - July 18th                                                         $100 Carhartt Gift Card - July 18th - July 31st


Incentive Jun 21 - Jul 5.jpg
Cross Five Cooler.png
Incentive Jun 21 - Jul 5.jpg
RTIC Cooler.jpg
Gift Card.jpg



The following incentives were offered in specific regions through July 31st, 2022

Alaska Region - $150.00 Carhartt Gift Card 

Eastern Region - Garden Cart 

Eastern Oklahoma Region - Dewalt Mechanics Tool Kit 

Great Plains Region - 2 Continuous Vaccine Guns + Ear Tag Cutter

Midwest Region - Dekopro Tool Kit 

Navajo Region - RTIC Soft Cooler

Northwest Region - Muck Boots

Pacific Region - Garden Cart 

Rocky Mountain Region - Fencing Pliers, Wire Pliers and Fencing Gloves

Southern Plains Region - Dewalt Mechanics Tool Kit 

Southwest Region - $150 Boot Barn Gift Card 

Western Region - Dewalt Drill Set 

Thank you for your willingness to participate in our Native Producer Survey. 

The results of this survey will contribute to a national Native Agriculture market study to determine what the unmet financing need is for Native producers amongst other barriers that, if addressed, would lead to greater prosperity and sustainability for Native Agriculture. We are collecting responses from all over Indian Country in hopes to understand the unique opportunities, challenges, and goals for producers in each region and state.


These results will influence the creation and/or expansion of services, loan and grant products, and policy efforts to meet these needs. Your responses are completely anonymous and will not be connected to your name or your business.

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