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Perseverance & Resilience in Agriculture

Growing up I always heard: “Maybe next year’s prices will be better, maybe next year the weather will be better, maybe next year we can upgrade that piece of equipment, maybe next year we can fix that piece of equipment” or something of the sort. Farmers and ranchers are always hoping for a better next year instead of dwelling on what is potentially going to be another bad year. The agriculture industry throws a number of variables out there that are out of the producer’s control, mainly weather and market prices. It does not matter how much a producer may work, the weather can come through and knock out a year's worth of work on a crop or cause detrimental losses to a livestock herd. But, next year the weather might be ideal with ample rain and sunshine and cause everything to flourish; pair that with good market prices and all the bad times of the previous year are soon forgotten.

The perseverance and resiliency behind hard working farmers and ranchers to continue on with their work every day has always amazed me. Even if the market prices are going to end up in a deficit at year’s end or a major storm rolled through and caused a loss, they rise in more ways than one every day with the sun and get right back to work in hopes of a better next year. Some of the hardest working people in this country are farmers and ranchers and I’d have to say no other group takes more of a gamble (call it an educated leap of faith and love of the labor) than farmers and ranchers. I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has thrown an unprecedented year at agriculture producers; but, as always, they have handled it with grit, determination, and of course the hopeful spirit that next year will be better.

The staff here at Akiptan are equally determined and hopeful for our producers and will do our part to help. As the fall run is about to begin for many producers and the year is getting closer to the end, it is important to remember that we have made it through every bad year before this and we will do it again. With hard work, hope, determination, and a bit of grit we will continue on. And who knows, next year may be better than ever.

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