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Heirs’ Property Relending Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Akiptan as an intermediary lender through the Heirs’ Property Relending Program (HPRP), along with the Shared Capital Cooperative and the Cherokee Nation Economic Development Trust Authority.

The Heirs’ Property Relending Program provides access to capital to help producers find resolution for landowners who have inherited land without clear title or documented ownership to resolve heirs’ land ownership and succession issues on agricultural land. In Indian Country, it can be used to directly solve highly fractionated land issues.

Akiptan is familiar with working in Indian Country and knows the importance of land access/ownership. The service area for HRPR is nationwide for Akiptan, targeting Native agriculture producers.

“This opportunity allows heirs’ in Indian country the ability to consolidate their highly fractionated land and easier succession planning. Akiptan is committed to supporting landowners through access to capital. ” - Skya Ducheneaux, Executive Director


  • Individuals or legal entities with authority to incur the debt and to resolve ownership and succession of a farm owned by multiple owners

  • A family member or heir-at-law related by blood or marriage to the previous owner of the property

  • Agreeing to complete a succession plan

  • Meets Akiptan’s eligibility policy as stated below:

Any individual or entity engaged in agriculture and food systems, including but not limited to: growing, processing, distributing, or selling food or food products with a goal of improving the Indian use of Indian resources within the service area. All applicants must be actively involved in the day to day labor and management decisions of the operation unless they are temporarily uninvolved due to pursuing further education or other extenuating circumstances to be determined by the Loan Committee.

Loans may be used for:

  • Resolving title issues by financing the purchase or consolidation of property interests and financing costs associated with a succession plan.

  • This may also include costs of buying out fractional interests of other heirs to clear the title, which includes closing costs, appraisals, title searches, surveys, preparing documents, mediation, and legal services.

Loan funds may not be used for the following purposes:

  • Purchasing lands that don’t have title issues

  • Buying land that you don’t have any current interest in

Read the full USDA press release here. For further assistance or questions about the Heirs’ Property Relending Program contact Akiptan at or call our office at 605-301-0581.

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