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Akiptan Guides and Booklets for Producers!

Updated: Jun 24

Akiptan provides more than just loans and direct technical support to our borrowers, we are always expanding our programming, and alongside our curriculums we have developed a Succession Planning Guide and a Rancher Record Keeping Booklet.

The Succession Guide provides you with a step by step process that will provide an understanding of what a succession plan is and it will help to guide you through the stages of preparing for succession within your operation.

Our Native ancestors involved in agriculture were consistently planning for the future of the food systems and next generations and we need to continue following those ways and do the same through planning for our business.

The Rancher Record Book was created by Akiptan as a tool for all agricultural producers to utilize for their operations. It is critical for producers to have strong records to help them make decisions for a successful operation.

This booklet guides producers with the following: 

• A single place for all your records. 

• USDA/FSA/NRCS program information. 

• Quarterly and yearly examination of your production and financial records. 

• Livestock feed records can be critical to know for planning in the upcoming years. 

• Keep for year-to-year comparisons on your operation. 

• Knowledge of how your operation is doing throughout the year. 

• Easy examination of your program and operation for producers and their financiers. 

You may download both resources on our website at  You may also request a physical copy by calling our office at (605) 301-0581 or emailing and we will mail you a copy.

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