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Akiptan announces 2022 Native Agriculture Market Study

Akiptan, a Native CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) located in Eagle Butte,South Dakota, received funding through the Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF) to conduct a national market study on Native agriculture.

Through various data collection tools and methods, this market study was produced assessing the current needs and barriers that exist for Native producers across the U.S. The purpose of this market study is to determine what the unmet financing need is for Native producers amongst other barriers that, if addressed, would lead to greater prosperity and sustainability for Native agriculture. Input and experiences were sought and collected from all over Indian Country to give insights to the unique opportunities, challenges, and goals for Native producers in each region. This executive summary presents key data points from the following full market study.

“We are incredibly excited about the results of this market study. Data around Native ag is far and few in between. It's great to have numbers to quantify our needs in addition to the anecdotal and lived experiences that we all know so well. Beyond the numbers, we have identified gaps that will help guide our programming developments over the next couple of years.” - says Skya Ducheneaux, Executive Director of Akiptan

The following is synopsis of the Market Study:

  • $42,762,948,220 In unmet need for Native American producers

  • Only 27% of participants have a succession plan

  • 73% of producers need financing to upgrade their infrastructure or equipment

  • 75% have off farm income

  • 51% Native producers expressed a need for additional training and technical assistance related to sustainability, climate change, and conservation planning

Akiptan would like to thank Sweet Grass Consulting for their diligent work and commitment to this project. We would also like to thank the Intertribal Agriculture Council, Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative, Indian Land Tenure Foundation and the Native American Agriculture Fund for being on our advisory committee. Our shared commitment to Native Agriculture is what drives our work. We know that this work is best done together.

Read the full 2022 Akiptan Native Agriculture Market Study Report here

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