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Akiptan is proud to bring you the team of people who are helping to make a change in Indian Ag Finance. Below you can meet our team of staff and the professionals from across the country that make up the Staff and Board of Directors. 


Justine Kougl

Program Officer | 605-301-0555

Justine Kougl has spent many years working within the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in Agriculture, Community Development and at the Farm Service Agency.  Her husband and children are enrolled members of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Justine holds a Masters Degree in Economics from South Dakota State University and has career experience in finance, program management, non-profit leadership and agricultural business (both personal and professional).  


Ten years ago the Kougl's moved their family ranching operation from the Cheyenne River area to the Pryor Mountain Range on the Crow Reservation in Montana where they continue to manage their cattle and horse herd and promote their packaged beef business. Justine and her family have first hand knowledge of the challenges that Native producers face and they are determined to be a part of the solutions. Justine has a passion to help Native American producers obtain working capital, understand the business aspects of agriculture and to help promote the future generations of Native agriculturists for years to come.

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