What are your eligibility requirements?

Any individual or entity engaged in agriculture and food systems, including but not limited to: growing, processing, distributing, or selling food or food products with a goal of improving the Indian use of Indian resources within the service area.


What do you consider agriculture?

What do you consider agriculture?

When many people think of agriculture the first thing that comes to mind are farming and ranching, but we go beyond that. We define agriculture very broadly. For example we finance cattle and other livestock operations, farms, fisheries, greenhouses, etc. Akiptan does operating loans as well as ownership loans. 

What is this "Investment Option" I keep hearing about?

Akiptan does regular term loans, but we also have what we like to call our "Investment Option." This option resembles a loan with an interest only repayment period. The smaller, interest only payments allow for the operation to have upfront capacity growth and for profits to be reinvested back into the operation. This puts operations on a path to success and easy principal repayment after the interest only payments. Check out this blog that explains the Investment Option in more detail HERE.

What are your Loan Limits?

Akiptan's current Loan Limits are $250,000, but we are working on raising that limit.

What is the timeline like?

While Akiptan does its best to handle everything in a timely manner, this is not an immediate thing. The part of the process that typically takes the longest is the gathering information/application process. This is dependent on the client's ability to get the staff the information and forms that they need. This can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. After the staff has all of the information that they need, they put together a loan narrative to send to the Loan Committee for review. The review process can take a week or two, depending on the loan activity. If there are a lot of unanswered questions, it may take longer. It is best to put in an application as soon as possible, but having a couple of months time is preferable. The less rushed the application is the better. If your loan is approved, we can hold the money until you are ready to use it, which helps save on interest as well.